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Rio Alto Ltd.

Rio Alto Llc. is a privately owned Hungarian company which is involved in beef cattle farming Somogy County, South-West Hungarian Region. The goal of the company is to provide assistance to farmers in Hungary and Eastern Europe with the improving of the quality and efficiency of beef production by introducing the Canadian Red Angus genetics and Western Canadian technology.

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Murray Grey

Murray Grey

Murray Grey cattle originated in the Murray River region of Australia, as a result of a chance mating between a particular Shorthorn cow and an Angus bull in the early 20th century.


Red and Black Angus

The Aberdeen Angus is a smallbeef cattle breed developed in Scotland which plays a dominant role in a lot of countries these days. Although ist dominant colour is black, red colour has always benn present as recessive trait.



The Galloway breed developed in the South Western part of Scotland, near Galloway town, and is the oldest breed of the British Isles.